adam investor testimonial

I am an Australian living in London, my Batumi property investment has me on the road to owning a property on the water out right and I am still in my late 20’s. I picked up my property for the same amount I would have had to pay as a deposit for as bank loan in London or from Brisbane Australia where I originally come from


Investor/Owner Australian born living in london

What I can tell you is that you should be looking closely at Georgia, which I call Europe’s hidden treasure. I’d never even heard about it until I went there and I was completely blown away. I’m glad I have friends who are in the know


Investor/Owner from Adelaide, Australia

I have just started my investment journey. I have money in savings but I didn’t want to get a bank loan and have a loan hanging over my head. Georgia ticked all of my boxes. It has low cost food and real estate, the countryside is beautiful it also has excellent tax incentives for foreign  residents. Lastly being able to travel to the rest of Europe affordably quenches my thirst for travel.


Investor/Owner from brisbane, australia

I consider myself a world traveler. We decided to purchase a number of properties in Batumi Georgia after my husband visited there a number of times looking for investment opportunities. We have a few Australian investment properties and we have been disillusioned with the growth over the past 7 to 8 years. We intend to sell a couple of our properties to invest more into the market in Georgia. Living part of the year in Georgia has a real attraction for us.


Investor/Owner from Brisbane, Australia

aaron investor testimonial

I live in London but was born in Australia and I jumped at the opportunity, I did all of my due diligence on the property and my research on Georgia. I am very confident in the capital gain potential and ongoing rental revenue that is on offer in Batumi right now.


Investor/Owner Australian born living in london

As a non-Australian foreign investor, I have just purchased property in two buildings in different cities in Georgia and intend on holding them for at least 5 years. I can see how it makes sense for people from all over the world to buy here. The Per-square-meter prices are cheap by all European standards, but those prices are increasing as each new road and new piece of infrastructure is built. I can’t wait to party in Batumi is 2022.


Investor/Owner from Bulgaria

ebony investor

We’ve chosen to purchase property in Georgia, Batumi City specifically. I’ve been asked why a few times and my answer is- while Australia is a great place, it’s expensive real estate, inefficient government processes, high taxes and enormously large cost of living  made it difficult for us to see the benefits. After doing our research it appeared that Georgia is perhaps the best place on earth right now for property price gains. Lastly the entry cost was something that we could easily afford without stretching ourselves. We would even consider moving there down the track.


Investor/Owner Australian from Brisbane, Australia


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