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International Investment Property Consultation

Premium Property Group takes the stress and uncertainty out of buying a property overseas.

Using our extensive network of data,  and ongoing research on international market trends, we have shortlisted locations around the globe that meet our very simple yet strict criteria for investment.

A low entry investment level

Fantastic return on investment

Relaxed and liveable lifestyle

Whether you are a first time investor or looking for the extra edge to boost your current investment portfolio, our team of knowledgeable experts will help you secure a fantastic investment for your financial future.

How is PPG Different?

What Sets Our International Property Investment Services Apart

Taking the plunge into the global investment market requires time, connections and a whole lot of resources. At Premium Property Group we’ve done all the hard work for you. 

Our Award Winning Team provide international property investment services that go above and beyond your needs. We achieve this by:

Market Analysis

Using expert knowledge and comparison of international property markets, we identify suitable investment property opportunities to help our clients build the most advantageous portfolio.


From sourcing to negotiations, our qualified and skilled analysts conduct thorough checks and investigations to make sure our clients receive a rewarding return for years to come.

Network Liaison

With unparralelled levels of resources available to us around the globe, we are able to provide expert consultation, resources and skillsets so our clients can make informed decisions on their investment purchases.


daryl doherty

Daryl Doherty

Business Development & Client Strategy

Daryl is a professional executive with 30 years of business and investment experience working directly in financing, insurance and other industries. Having lived and worked in a number of countries plus his background in business development, Daryl is passionate and has unparalleled skills in identifying profitable investment opportunities for his clients.

With an extensive understanding of international property markets, Daryl enjoys a highly personal approach in advising his clients on the best strategy for their situation to build wealth and create a smart and strategic property portfolio. A brilliant negotiator with expert knowledge, Daryl is a fantastic consultant to have on your side.

Previously working for a building group who have constructed over a million homes globally as a leading building consultant alongside his trade qualification as an electrician, Chris has put his extensive knowledge of the building industry into the property market.

In 2015, Chris was awarded #1 Building Consultant in Australia and has been involved in over $25 million dollars’ worth of new home construction builds, including custom constructions, subdivisions and new site developments.

Chris’ extensive knowledge of intrinsic property values and high standards in building construction will give you peace of mind and confidence in your property investment.

Chris Thomas

Site Analyst