Investing In A Turnkey Property

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An investment property should be about increasing your wealth and securing your financial future. But what is the best approach to investing?

Should you purchase private or public real estate? Public investments will offer you a portion of returns in a very large pool of investors, whereas private provides the option for investors to become more hands on in their purchase.

Should you purchase a fixer-upper? Fix and flip properties are becoming increasingly popular however require a lot of time and effort before they are ready to see tenants, which means even longer for you to see returns. Not to mention you’ll either need to hire a bunch of different contractors or have the qualifications and skills yourself to fit out the property.

While there is no right or wrong approach, we thought we’d share some information on the type of properties Premium Property Group specialise in – ‘turnkey builds’.

A ‘turnkey build’ is just one option in property that provides a simple, minimal effort required purchase and faster returns on your investment.  This type of investment is fast becoming a popular investment choice for Australians seeking capital growth and passive income generation.

What is a Turnkey Investment?

A turnkey property refers to a dwelling that is ready to move into on completion. The property is fully finished by the builder including painting, carpets, floor tiling, light fittings and blinds which are additional items in most builds.

How Does a Turnkey Property Work?

A Turnkey Property investment approach is especially appealing to those who desire exposure to the real estate market but do not have the time, ability or interest to fit out a property with fittings and furnishings or handle maintenance issues.

Sourcing out a dozen different suppliers, overseeing the installation of products, constantly assessing the developments and communicating with builders is a lot of work. Often the builders will not allow you access to the site prior to completion, which can cause delays and a whole lot of frustration, plus site clean up can also be delayed or need to be re-done after new contractors have been through.

With a turnkey finish, the dwelling is handed over fully completed without you having any hassles other than choosing colours and fittings. A highly experienced developer will be able to use their expertise to efficiently piece together the design and will organise the entire process for you.

How a Turnkey Property Is Used to Generate Revenue

By acquiring real estate that requires little to no refurbishment, the aim is to generate revenue through renting the property as quickly as possible. The shorter the turnaround to rent the property, the faster the investor will start seeing a return on their investment.

Premium Property Group offer a free consultation service for international property investments. If you are interested please feel free to contact us at or fill in our contact form here!

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