Batumi, The little Las Vegas

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vegas and batumi

If you’re lucky enough to have visited Las Vegas, you’ll know the popular slogan ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. But word has gotten out in Eastern Europe, where a mini Vegas of sorts has begun development in the coastal town of Batumi, Georgia. Often referred to as the Vegas of the Black Sea, Batumi has it all.

Currently in the mid stages of Development, Batumi is coming to life with hotels, casinos and family entertainment precincts littering the coastal strip. Speaking with one of Premium Property Groups clients, the compared it to Las Vegas in the 1980s, “From the moment I saw the Batumi skyline lit up against the setting sun, it brought back memories of the small gambling town of Las Vegas that I visited in 1981”.

Batumi, which is situated on the Black Sea currently has approximately 18 casinos in operation. By the end of 2021, that number is set to double to over 40. Its exciting to see the remnants of the former Soviet Union buildings come down, as they are replaced with modern state of the art hotels and facilities. Some of the best known brands are currently in construction such as Hilton, Sheraton and Marriot. As our client said on their last visit, “I can’t wait for the highway between Tbilisi and Batumi to be complete, it will cut down my driving time by over half”. With the highway undergoing major reservations and upgrades, by 2021 the drive between the capital and the Vegas of the Black Sea will be reduced to only 3 hours.

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